Sodium Diisobutyl Dithiophosphate is a kind of effective collector. It is yellowwish Transparent liquid, and the PH Value is 10-13.

Since it has a strong ability to collectors and collectors of pyrite weaker, it is widely used in copper mines associated with gold, silver and precious metals and non-ferrous metal mining flotation.

For some multi-metal mineral, including copper sulfide, lead and nickel sulfide, that are difficult to choose, it has a good selectivity.

When talks about packing, this collector is usually be packed into two methods as follows:
Plastic drum: NW 200KG/barrel or IBC drum: NW 1000KG/barrel.

When it is transported, things should be mentioned are as follows:
Moisture, waterproof, anti-exposure, and must be away from any hot objects or fire.

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