The filter disc rotates slowly in the slurry tank. With the help of the pressure difference formed by the vacuum pump, the solid particles are absorbed on the filter cloth of the disc to form a filter cake of a certain thickness. The filtrate passes through the filter cake and the filter cloth and is removed from the central axis. The filter cake falls into the filter cake discharge tank under the pressure air generated by the scraper and blower.

Electromagnetic stepless speed regulation motor-cycloidal pin wheel reducer -worm gear transmission, easy to operate, improve efficiency, reduce noise and reduce energy consumption.
The fan-shaped plate is a lattice type made of engineering plastics. The new fan-shaped plate greatly improves the performance and service life.

Range of use
It is used for filtering and dewatering suspension in coal preparation plants and ore dressing plants. It can also be used for solid-liquid separation in metallurgy, chemical industry, petroleum, sewage treatment, etc.

Technical Specifications and Performance

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