Principle overview:
The exciter consists of two eccentric shafts in specific positions meshed with gears. Driven by the motor, the two eccentric shafts are rotated to generate a synthetic linear excitation force, so that the body is forced to vibrate on the support spring.
The material uses this vibration as the power to make sliding and throwing governments on the material trough, so that the material moves forward to achieve the purpose of feeding.

Simple structure, easy installation, stable vibration, reliable operation, long life, easy maintenance and repair, easy to realize automatic control and other advantages;
Using a biaxial vibrator, linear vibration , feeding and completing the screening process at the same time, which improves the utilization rate of equipment and reduce costs;
Not suitable for conveying sticky and wet materials;
It can feed the coarse crusher continuously and evenly, and at the same time coarsely screen the materials;
Frequency conversion motor can be installed to adjust the frequency, thus changing the output, easy to control the amount of feed, without frequent starting of the motor.

Technical Specifications and Performance

Note: According to the hardness and thickness of the material, the handling capacity written.
           Above just for reference purposes only, (Refer to raw ore handling capacity).

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