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During the developing stage of Y&X Beijing Technology Co., Ltd , air velocity, choice of material, protrusion, and surface treatment have been seriously considered by the R&D department who strives to achieve optimized thermal dissipation effect.


Concentrator is generally used for concentrate concentration and dehydration of tailings before filtration in dress plants to concentrate the ore pulp with concentration of 20-30% to concentration of 40-70%. It is widely used for concentration and purification of slurry containing solid materials in industries of ore dressing, metallurgy, chemical industry, coal, construction materials, and source water and wastewater treatment, etc.


ZG peripheral transmission mud scraper is mainly composed of central slewing bearing, rotation frame, scraper and scum board, current collecting device, driving mechanism, track and traveling wheel, etc.

Its working mechanism is as follows: raw water flows out from the tank bottom via the central buttress; after water distribution by draft tube, the effluent is discharged to the catch basins around the tank in radiating pattern; with the reduction of flow rate, the suspended matters in the raw water are separated and deposited to the tank bottom. The rotation frame takes the central bearing as the circle center; under the function of driving mechanism, the travelling wheel at the end rotates along the peripheral tracks, driving the scraper board which rotates slowly under it along a near log spiral moving trajectory; the scraper board scrapes the mud to the mud catch basin at the center of setting tank, then the mud is discharged out of the tank by hydraulic pressure or pump while the scum on the top is scraped to the scum hopper by scum board and then discharged.

ZG peripheral transmission mud scraper is suitable for mud scraping and drossing in radiant (circular) deep setting tank with relatively large diameter (Φ>15m) in water plants or sewage treatment plants within plumbing work.

Its features: simple structure, energy-saving, convenient maintenance and management; smooth operation, sage and reliable work; low water content in scraped mud.


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