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The product has the advantage of remarkable reliability. It is equipped with an intelligent circuit and circuit breaker to prevent any sudden failure.


Permanent magnetism tube-shaped type magnetic separator apply to wet separate fine particles ferromagnetism mineral. The magnetization confficient of the selected minerals generally no less than 3000x10_e cm3/g Materials belong to this kind include magnetite, magnetic pyrite or roasted magnetized hematite, limonite, siderite and so on.

Pulp fed into separator tank through mine supply box and get into mine supply zone assume a loose state. When passing by magnetic field.some ferromagnetism mine tablets absorbed on the surface of the cylinder by the effect of magnetic forces. When the cylinder rotating.magnetic particles turning over in chain because of the magnetism lined along circuit alternately. A portion of gangue mixed in magnetic mineral have been cleared away.Magnetic particle rotating with cylinder and be brought out of magnetic field, rush with wash water in concentrate groove. Weak magnetic and non-magnetic mineral (gangue) had been swung away, and discharged from tailing groove under the role of pulp,finally achieve grading process.

Technical Specifications and Performance

ModelCylinder size mmMagnetic field strength  mTMotor Power kwReducer  modelProcessing capacity
CTB918 Φ900x1800≥1354JZQ35030-50
CTB 1018Φ1050x1800≥1355.5JZQ40040-75
CTB 1021 Φ1050x2100≥1355.5JZQ40045-80
CTB 1024Φ1050x2400≥1355.5JZQ50052-100
CTB 1030Φ1050x3000≥1357.5JZQ50052-100
CTB 1230Φ1200x3000≥1357.5JZQ50080-150
CTB 1224 Φ1200x2400≥1357.5-11JZQ50050-110
CTB 1236 Φ1200x3600≥1357.5-15JZQ50090-140
CTB 1530 Φ1500x3000≥13511-18.5JZQ500140-260
CTB 1536Φ1500x3600≥13515-22JZQ650150-280
CTB 1540Φ1500x4000≥13515-22JZQ650190-350
CTB 1545Φ1500x4500≥13518.5-30JZQ560-750210-390

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