Q25 is flotation frother, amber or dark brown oily liquid, small odor. It is suitable for the beneficiation process of oxide ore, nonferrous ore and precious metal ore with high mud content. The frother has uniform bubble bubbles, large bubbles and good mineralization effect, which is conducive to improving concentrate grade, and the dosage is generally 5-30g/t.

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Y&X Beijing Technology Co., Ltd., established in August 2014, is affiliated to family mining group, which has been engaged in mining industry for more than 30 years. The group which owns many mines such as iron, copper, phosphorus, molybdenum, gold, lead and zinc, has geological exploration, mining and mineral processing design, mining project EPC and other qualifications. In 2008, we invested mining flotation reagents plant which has annual production capacity of xanthate 50, 000 ton, dithiophosphate 20, 000 ton, IPETC 20, 000 ton and other type of flotation reagents. Our plant is located in Jiaozhou Peninsula, near to Qingdao Port, with very convenient transportation. Based on the company's strong ability, advanced production technology, scientific management and modern operation principle, Y& X Beijing Technology Co., Ltd can ensure its products environment protection, high effective and quality stable. At present, the company's products are exported to more than 100 countries and regions, establish long-term stable cooperation relationship with many world famous mines including Erdenet, Vale of Brazil, Las Bambas Copper Mine, FERREXPO and so on. Science and technology as the cornerstone while service as the responsibility, Y& XBeijing Technology Co., Ltd always adhere to the "Seeking Truth, Customer First" as business philosophy, provides service for all customers wholeheartedly. The birth of Y&X Beijing Technology Co., Ltd. is based on the country's the country's strategic slogan and the overseas development of the group. Y& X Beijing Technology Co., Ltd. Located in Beijing, capacity of China, as the overseas promotion and sales center of our flotation reagents plant and design institutes, is committed to serving overseas customers.

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