The hydrocyclone is a device used to separate and remove the heavier coarse-grained silt and other substances in sewage. Sometimes it is also used for mud dewatering. There are two types, pressure type and gravity type. They are often made of circular column structures or metal pipes. Water enters along the tangent line from the upper part of the structure (or metal pipe) by pressure or gravity. Under the action of centrifugal force, the coarse and heavy particulate matter is thrown to the wall of the vessel and rotates downward to be discharged together with the formed thick liquid. Smaller particulate matter rotates to a certain extent and is discharged with the secondary upward vortex flow. 

Because of the need for pressure to the ore, it consumes a lot of power, but it has a small area, low price, large processing capacity, high classification efficiency, and very fine overflow products can be obtained, which are mostly used in the classification equipment in the second stage of closed-circuit grinding.

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