Chemical leaching method is a method of leaching the separated substance with a chemical solvent. The commonly used method in mines is heap leaching. 

Heap leaching is a method of spraying the ore pile with leaching liquid to selectively leaching useful components in the ore during the downward infiltration process, and recovering the useful components from the rich liquid flowing from the bottom of the pile. According to the different grades of ore, it can be divided into ore heap leaching and waste rock heap leaching; according to the location of the storage yard, it can be divided into surface heap leaching and underground heap leaching. The leaching method is mainly used in the mining of copper ore, uranium ore, gold ore and silver ore, and the treatment of smelter slag and dressing tailings containing useful ingredients. The heap leaching method has simple process, less equipment and low energy consumption, so the capital investment and production cost are also low; its main disadvantage is that the leaching rate of useful components in the ore is low. 

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