MIBC, full name is Methyl isobutyl methanol.

MIBC is an excellent foaming agent for non-ferrous metallic minerals and non-metallic minerals, mainly used for separation of non-ferrous metal oxide ore or fine-grained sulfide ore with large mud content. It is widely used in the beneficiation of lead-zinc, copper molybdenum and copper gold ores all over the world, especially effective in improving the quality of concentrate. 

Characteristics:With strong selectivity and good activity, the foams generated are thin and crisp and non sticky, easy to defoaming, less collecting, and less in consumption.

Packing:Iron drum packing: net weight 165kg/drum; IBC drum packing: net weight 830kg/drum. 

Storage and transportation:Moistureproof, waterproof and exposed to the sun. Keep away from any hot object or fire source.

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