One of the products of the sorting operation in the beneficiation, the part with the lowest content of useful target components is called tailings. Under the current technical and economic conditions, it is no longer suitable for further sorting. However, with the development of production science and technology, useful target components may also have economic value for further recycling. Tailings are not completely useless waste materials, and often contain components that can be used for other purposes and can be comprehensively utilized. Achieving no waste discharge is a requirement for full utilization of mineral resources and protection of the ecological environment. Different types of ores with different structures and structures require different beneficiation processes, and the tailings produced by different beneficiation processes. There are often certain differences in process properties, especially in particle morphology and particle gradation. According to the beneficiation process, tailings can be divided into the following types: Hand-selected tailings, gravity-selected tailings, magnetic tailings, flotation tailings, chemical beneficiation tailings, electrical and photoelectric beneficiation tailings. It can also be classified according to the combination of the main minerals in the tailings.

As in the video above, by processing the tailings into bricks, it can be used as a building material.

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