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The equipment used for leaching is called leaching tank. There are two types of leaching tank, one is air stirred tank, the other is mechanical stirred tank. The tank can be used for both leaching and purification. According to different operation conditions, a certain type of tank is selected.

Agitation tank is the abbreviation of mechanical agitation leaching tank, which is divided into single impeller agitation and multi impeller agitation. The tank body is cylindrical, and the bottom of the tank is spherical or flat. A circulating cylinder is arranged in the center, and the agitator is arranged at the lower part of the circulating cylinder. The tank is usually made of carbon steel lined with acid resistant brick. Agitators are propeller type, anchor type and pulley type. The impeller of the most commonly used propeller type agitator is usually made of carbon steel lined with rubber. The diameter of the propeller agitator is usually taken as 0.25-0.35 of the diameter of the tank.
The agitated tank produced and sold by our company has good quality and moderate mixing speed.

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