The flotation column is an aerated flotation machine that aerates and agitates the pulp by compressed air through a porous medium (Inflator). There are microbubble countercurrent flotation columns and microbubble jet flotation columns.

Compared with flotation machine, flotation column has its own advantages: 

The structure is simple and the floor area is small. No mechanical moving parts, safe and energy saving. The results show that the flotation kinetics is stable, the bubbles are relatively small, the distribution is more uniform, the bubble particle flotation interface is sufficient, the enrichment ratio is large, the recovery rate is high, and it is suitable for the separation of fine-grained minerals, and it is easy to realize automatic control and large-scale. It can simplify the flotation process and effectively reduce the number of flotation operations. 

Compared with flotation machine, flotation column has its own limitations:

The height of the equipment is large, and the flushing water increases the operation cost of the equipment. It is not suitable for the separation of coarse-grained minerals, and the contact probability between coarse-grained minerals and bubbles is small. It is difficult for the minerals with insufficient dissociation to give full play to the advantages of flotation column in improving concentrate grade, and the purpose of improving concentrate grade is often achieved at the cost of loss recovery. The pulp which is sensitive to chemical reaction and high viscosity will cause fine gangue to stay in the column for a long time, which will worsen the separation effect. It is mainly used in selective operation, but the effect is not ideal in rough operation.

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