Sodium Diisobutyl Dithiophosphate is an aqueous solution of dialkyl dithiophosphate.
It has practically no frothing characteristics. It is fast and compared to other thiol collectors more selective in the flotation of copper sulphide in the presence of zinc and of iron sulphides and copper activated zinc sulphides from iron sulphides. Other applications are flotation of copper activated iron sulphides, flotation of nickel-bearing minerals, antimony minerals, chalcocite and for improvement in the recovery of precious metals, e. g. gold, silver, platinum.
Sodium Diisobutyl Dithiphosphate floats oxide copper minerals as well as sulphide copper in a sulphide-oxide ore very well. This collector has found application in the bulk flotation of copper and cobalt minerals in conjunction with other thiol collectors, usually at neutral PH. It requires only very short conditioning time and is therefore useful for staged addition. It can be used alone or in some cases in combination with an auxiliary collector, such as xanthates.
Experience has shown that a mixture of alkyl dithiophosphate and a xanthate is often better than either of these two types of collectors alone.
Sodium Diisobutyl Xanthate can be added undiluted or preferably diluted with clear water to 5-20% solutions. It is good practice to stir before use. The dosage of Sodium Diisobutyl Xanthateis usually considerably less than for other sulphide collectors and varies with the type of ore, usually falling within therange of 10 to 50 grams per metric ton ore. Experience has shown that DSP-03 is effective in the pH range of 4-12. Because of its selectivity towards iron sulphides, the mining reagent can be used at slightly lower pH than xanthates.

The pictures show the new batch of Sodium Diisobutyl Dithiophosphate was transported to port.

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